Does Translucent Powder Cause Flashback?

translucent powder

If you have reached this page, it means that you may have seen someone Flashback problem, or you may be suffering from flashback problems that you think translucent powder cause flashback.

Yes, it happens many times because of the silica that’s used in the manufacturing of translucent power. But in many cases, it occurs only during photography.

Flashback After Using Translucent Powder

It happens because of many make-up kits available in the market. Most of Translucent Powder has silica as it’s the main content.


And it is the leading cause of flashback after using translucent powder. Sometimes you may have seen many celebrities being trolled on social media because of flashback problems.

You may also have faced this problem once in your life. It’s irritating because you spend your hours making your face look up, and you think it looks prettier and beautiful in the mirror.

But what you get when you click photographs on your phone or in any cameras is the flashback. It all wasted your works on your face.

Translucent Powder Causes Flashback

Some of the make-up artists and some of you may love to use the translucent powder in make-up kits.

It’s because it can help in beautifying your skin without changing its colour and texture. But translucent powder contains silica to make flashback problems.

How to Prevent Flashback Problems?

Avoid flash photo clicking

The first thing that you can do to prevent flashback from translucent powder altogether clicking photos when the flash is on.

Because if you have used translucent powder, it will cause the flashback problems. You can do regular photography bit avoid direct flash photography.

Avoid Silica Loose Products

The products that you purchase for your make-up kits should have a minimum amount of silica.

If it has purely silica-based contents, it will cause a flashback problem in your photos, and you will hate your photos. Avoiding purely silica-based products helps you in saving yours from being trolled.


Does translucent powder cause flashback? Yes, translucent powder causes flashback. But it all depends on which type of Products you use.

If your products contain more amount of silica, you will face this problem. What you can do is to save yourself from Direct Flash Photography.

Otherwise, the flash of the camera will capture the flashback of your face. You can also use alternatives to silica products.