Method to Make Your Own Shea Butter Face Cream?

Millennial drool over Alia Bhatt’s supple and soft skin and haste to the internet to find the magic recipe. They go gaga whenever a novel cream or a balm enters the market. The expectations over the cream are infinite, as this is what increases their prettiness and makes the menfolk go weak in their knees.

Shea butter has become the talk of the town and has raided the cosmetic industry invariably. The controversial shea butter has its origin in the African continent and has found ardent fans across the globe.

It is made from the nut of the shea tree, which is widely found in Africa. It is greatly therapeutic as it contains Vitamin A, D, E, and F.

If you are enticed with shea butter, and can’t stay away from it as you have fallen in love with its smell and texture, then you can prepare your customized shea butter face cream from the coziness of your home.

face cream

The kinds of stuff required to make natural face cream with shea butter face creams are coconut oil, essential oils and shea butter.

Step 1

Shea butter, Coconut oil and the jojoba oil place in a cup need to be boiled in a container of hot water.

Step 2

It time to cool the ingredients.

Step 3

Essential oil like lavender or tree tea oil and sandalwood should be supplemented to the


shea butter

Step 4

The lovely homemade shea butter cream facial moisturizer is ready to go in a small bottle for use.

Shea butter face cream is a magic ingredient to and works miracles on dull, dry, spots, wrinkled skin.

It contains a rich and healthy volume of vitamins that will enhance the skin cells and revitalize the dull skin.

You can rub on the homemade shea butter face cream, after the bath, before the napping time, or during winters on your skin.