Can I Use Glycolic and Salicylic Acid Together?

salicylic acid

In the world of beauty products, the facial and body creams cum lotions are in demand across all the segments of people.

The application of various creams and lotions provides a glamorous and stylish look. However, a question that keeps undulating in the minds of the people is, about the ingredients used to make these cosmetic items. So, what if we use glycolic and salicylic acid together.

Glycolic Acid

As a family member of the alpha hydroxy acid, which is soluble in water, it is extracted from sugarcane and pineapples. This acid slackens the adhesiveness of the dead cells on the topmost coating of the skin.

This as a result may perhaps well reduce the scars and spots on the face. The usage of this acid in various lotions is around 5%-30%.

glycolic acid

Wearing sunscreen protection is a must as this acid is sensitive to the ultraviolet rays from the sun, which can damage the skin.

Salicylic acid

The acid is derived from the yelp of the willow tree, and has its place in the beta hydroxyl acid. This acid penetrates way deeper into the pores and removes the dead cells, as they are soluble in oil.

The removal of these cells prevents the formation of pimples.

Various skin products with a concentration of 1%-10% of this acid can show good results. As compared to glycolic acid, this acid is not prone or does not have any side-effects due to the UV rays.

Usage of these acids as a mixture

The mixture to apply glycolic and salicylic acid at the same time acts as a peeling agent and discard the dead skin cells. Now a question raises, which should we use?

It is based on the type of skin; oily skin individuals have the sentiment to use those products that have a higher concentration of salicylic acid.

On the other hand, the products with glycolic acid are made use by those who want to reduce the dark complexion of their skin.

The usage of those products with a mixture of both these acids is not a problem, but the acids may overreact affecting the face.