How to Reduce Dead Skin After Acne?

causes of dead skin

You may have seen that your dead skin on your face spoils all of the cares that you take for your skin. Once you go through the acne problem, you can see that your face has started producing dead skin.

We will guide you to some simple and easy ways to get rid of dead skin. So, you can reduce dead skin on your face after acne.

Causes of Dead Skin After Acne

It’s scientifically proven that your skin dies in 45-50 days, or you can say that skin cells love only for one and a half months.

So, it’s reasonable to lose some amount of skin from your face. More than 30,000 skin cells die every minute.

These dead skin cells start building dead skin cells graveyard on your face. And they stay there for a longer time. Skin corners only cause the dead skin on your face. Factors that cause the dead skin on your face are;

  • Dry Skin
  • Not Exfoliated skin
  • Lack of moisturizing
  • Lack of oiliness
  • Skin aging
  • External environment and other natural and human factors.


The following are some of the best ways to clear up dead skin after acne. If you are looking for the best remedies to get rid of dead skin after acne, read the following instructions.

It will help you clear up dead skin after acne.

Steam Bath

The steam bath is something that can moisturize your skin, and it also removes dead skin that is stuck in your face.

Exfoliating Scrub

You can use some oily and blemish water to exfoliate your skin physically. You can also go through some chemical treatments to remove dead skin from your face. However, we suggest you go through some physical therapies.

Facial Skin Masks

Facial masks are used to prevent future dead skin problems, and it can be used after you have gone through the removal process of dead skin.

Cleanse Your Face

It’s one of the oldest ways to clean your skin gently. You can use hot water to clean up your face; it will help in removing dead skin. Gently scrubbing your face and skin also helps in removing the dead skin from your face.


To get rid of dead skin after acne, you can use the above suggestions to clear up dead skin after acne; you can go through some particular Treatments that we suggested. We also discussed the causes of dead skin.